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British diver Tom Daley, seen here after winning a bronze medal in the men's 10-metre platform final at the 2012 London Olympics, revealed on Monday he is in a relationship with a man. Terrill/Associated Press/File)Olympic diver Tom Daley says he is in a relationship with a man.

Considering the paparazzi took a couple of pictures of us." I said while he just shrugged, still holding my hand. I faced him and looked at him with a doubtful expression. Please tell me you're kidding." I pleaded, while he just looked at me with a confused expression on his face. I'm pretty sure they took a picture of us when I was cupping your cheeks. Because, according to them, and I quote, ' You're our only sister, so we really should be over-protective of you.' "Teddy Bear, just calm down alright? Just explain to them what really happened, then they won't kill you." He said and my breathing started to return to its original pace. The next picture shown was when we were still sitting under the tree, but the difference was, I was sitting across him while smiling at him and Chase was looking at me with a grin. " The male reporter asked, while the female reporter, who I've known to be Louise, smiled at him. But, I've heard that before they were like this, they definitely hate each other.

"I'm not sure, but I'm sure it would be along the lines of 'dating'" He replied, using air quotations when it came to word 'dating'. I mean, the media does make up things a lot, and most of the things they say are fake." I replied and he chuckled. I wonder what would be Aiden and Zyljan's reactions be when they see the pictures? It seriously looked like we were about to kiss to anyone who looked at the photo." He said, and my eyes widened in horror. Could it be possible that these two have finally put aside their differences and decided to let a new friendship grow? " Louise asked, while looking at John, the male reporter.

“There’s definitely a lot of pressure not to say bad things about the Olympics, or any of the people or other athletes.

You cannot slag off another athlete or anything, and the actual Olympics are great – it’s where it is that’s the problem.” He also said sport needed to treat homophobia as seriously as racism. It should be absolute – if you say something that can be offensive and someone could take offence, like racism, insulting gay people should be an instant ban or some kind of penalty so it just doesn’t happen.” Laugher represented Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics but failed to make it to the semi-final stage. I have quite a few gay friends, just from school and people I’ve met through diving and my journey.

That’s the entire fan base, and that following would be supportive.” Laugher then paid a handsome complement to his fellow British diving colleagues Tom Daley and Chris Mears. At the end of the day people might laugh at them, but if I do well I can laugh back!

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