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Avoid using programs like Wire Shark because the app will not capture SMS or phone calls. I looked at his Skype app and see that the only contact he has (that shows up, anyway) is his daughter, who was living overseas in the past.

I saw something weird in the dos cache of my husband's computer. There's nothing under "recent conversations" or messages. It involves dns cache and its weird language, which I don't understand.

Their fresh perspective (fresh pair of eyes physically and metaphorically) has been significant. 2) The bold goal of not just trying to get the two organisers from overseas to the event... I say it because sales is a vital part of the Ed Tech ecosystem, but not in the way they are employed today.

but we're exploring ideas that could help get 20-30 Connected Educators from another country so they can meet with members of their PLN IRL. I am in sales and I used to hate it, I couldn't wait to reskill and leave it behind.

I wonder if any educators who like what I've done might be willing to "Pay it Forward" to help get our kids connected and collaborate with kids at other schools...

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