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After three years of secrecy, I finally knew what to call the awful things that had happened to me.

I learned that sex trafficking is when someone is forced into sexual activities to earn the trafficker money.

It also provides much-needed funding for victims, and requires sex traffickers to be included in the Sexual Offender Registry and raises the maximum age when a victim of child trafficking can take civil action against a perpetrator from 23 to 25.

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At first, it was nothing serious; we bonded over a common interest in hip-hop music and both liked Jay-Z. " I was determined to get there; I had never been before but I'd seen it on TV and heard people talk about it.

He was easy to talk to, understanding of my feelings, and a good listener. He popped the trunk for my bag, and I got into the car. Plus, I didn't have to pay for anything, so what better way was there to experience South Beach?

I didn't know anyone at school, so I turned to the Internet for people to talk to.

I can't recall which social media network it was where I met the guy who became my boyfriend.

Anybody lured into the sex trade under the age of 18 is considered a victim of trafficking.

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