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I was fuzzy on some moments (hello, labor pains), so D filled me in on all the parts I missed..couldn't see, for that matter.

We were in total awe of our baby girl, who was finally Earth-side, sleeping soundly in my arms.

In fact, after meeting with the Lactation Consultant, we found her latch was poor and I ended up using a nipple shield for most of her hospital feedings. It's much too soon for me to even think of adding another kiddo to the mix.

She hadn't mastered putting her tongue to the floor of her mouth just yet..kept wanting to push her tongue out (no tongue tie, thank goodness! I, of course, was discouraged, nervous, and majorly frustrated. Even though she didn't feed much at the hospital, a couple days after we got home, she finally got the hang of things and gained back all the weight she lost (and then some! Unfortunately, a few weeks later, we began to run into some major feeding issues that had nothing to do with her ability to breastfeed. Living far from family and friends during this season of life has been very challenging. We're so thankful my mom was able to stay with us the first 1.5 weeks of Heidi's life and for her visits every couple months since, but the lack of village made our newborn days long and tear-filled.

After going through the labor process and wishing I was a fly on the wall of my own labor room, I totally would do a labor session as well.

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