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A list of those participating sites must be accessible through the website the User joined.

3.4 ODA Members must have policies and arrangements to prevent misuse or inappropriate use of their services.

3.5 ODA Members must ensure all User profiles are checked and that appropriate arrangements exist to detect fraudulent or misleading Profiles and inappropriate content and to remove any such Profiles from the site as soon as possible.

2.5 ODA Members must provide Users with clear information about the different forms of membership and how to cancel membership.

In particular, and before Users make any financial payments, the ODA Member must clearly specify the following: a) the services offered for the payment b) the duration of any services offered for the payment including any minimum subscription period resulting from the payment c) any element of automatic renewal and how this would happen d) any other key membership conditions or requirements that may affect the User during membership or the User’s use of the service 2.6 ODA Members must clearly state the terms, duration and limitations on any free services it offers to Users and must make clear if any on-going commitments, including any financial commitments, arise or are applied as a consequence of accepting such an offer.

b) The relationship between the site owner or promoter and any other agent or third party including any relationship with any other ODA Members who have a responsibility for managing the site or service.

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