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First, during the Bureau’s public consultations in 2013, financial services were identified as an area of focus for potential advocacy initiatives.

Second, the sector itself is an important pillar in the Canadian economy, contributing approximately 7% of Canada’s gross domestic product (as of May 2017) and accounting for nearly 800,000 Canadian jobs (2015 figures).

Third, it plays a significant role in the day‑to‑day life of most Canadians, whether they are receiving or making payments, borrowing, spending, saving or investing.

While Canada’s financial regulatory system is one of the most well‑respected and sound regimes in the world, the global financial crisis in 2007‑2008 led to a period of economic recession in Canada and around the world.

The Bureau’s basic operating assumption is that competition is good for both business and consumers—and regulation should be minimally intrusive on market forces, allowing competition to drive innovation and improve outcomes for Canadians.

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