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The gentleman who helped me was very friendly and attentive. I'm not sure of the technicians name but I know he is the same one over and over seeing him through the window and my new.vehicle experience went as planned getting to my hectic days... The only thing I wish could be fixed is the oil change date sticker.

When I originally set my appointment, tires actually had to be shipped to the store because of the rarity of my tires. So grateful to have someplace to go that good customer service and vehicle service still exists! Some times the ink fades away and I can't see when next oil change should be done.

Al final salen los dos ganando, el poli se quedar bien descargado de semen y el jovencito libre.

My wife and I drive high-mileage cars, sometimes to more than 200,000 miles.

Pekin Firestone has kept our high mileage cars dependable.

A check of my patronage there should confirm my statements of confidence. Koons I had set up an oil change appointment, however, when they did the walk around inspection, it was discovered that I was going to need tires soon.

They explained all my options to me and I decided to buy the tires right there and then.

And if it was performed improperly, we'll redo it at no additional charge.

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